LianaMailer user, we ask you to provide us your reCAPTCHA keys

Publié: 17.08.2020

To prevent robots from subscribing to your newsletter and to keep the quality of your mailing lists high, we're adding Google reCAPTCHA to all LianaMailer subscription forms. reCAPTCHA enables telling a robot and a real person apart without the need to have the newsletter subscriber answer any questions.

If you don’t utilize reCAPTHA on your subscription site yet, we will need key codes in order to add it. You can fetch the keys by creating a reCAPTCHA profile on a specific Google site. Read how to create a reCAPTCHA profile and get the keys from our instruction. If you have questions regarding this, our team and our support are happy to help.

Please submit the key codes to our support by August 31, 2020, thank you!

Note! If the newsletter subscription form has been embedded to your site, you will find the instructions to add the keys to your site from here.